What benefit do you get from personal training?

The main benefit to having a personal trainer is that people in this industry know the correct way of getting you to achieve your goals, and can motivate you in the way that is right for you. A lot of people struggle to even get to the gym, as it is easy to go off course from time to time. Having a personal trainer can give you an excuse to come to the gym and will help you to know that you will have a fun, interactive and intense workout session.

Do you have to be super fit to have a personal trainer?

Absolutely not, I work with people of all ages and abilities and the joys of the job is tracking clients' progress. We all have to start from somewhere as did I, as did many.

Do you do any outdoor training?

Currently no, but I do hope to at some point in the future. At the moment I just do gym-based training.

If I were to have personal training with you, what would I do when on my own?

Well if you saw me every week or fortnightly I could write you out a workout routine free of charge. However I do have a few clients who I do only see occasionally so that would be a different story, but I would always make sure you had a clear and thorough programme.

Do you train people with physical/mental disabilities?

Yes! Some of my regular clients have disabilities and seem very motivated during the sessions and are making good progress.

What would a personal training session necessarily consist of?

Depending on your goal, in an individual session we will do a full body workout using resistance machines, free weights, padwork and possibly a little bit of circuit training, should we be doing endurance training. If we were to be building muscle mass we would focus on a particular muscle group.

Is strength training to do with building muscle mass?

No, strength training is to do with muscular force, to do with how strong your neuromuscular system is, meaning it assess's the strength of communication between your brain and muscles. Having a high amount of muscle mass is quite essential for this type of training, it is an element, not something you gain. The type of training you do for muscular mass increase is hypertrophy training.

I just want to tone up, not necessarily bulk up?

You need to do a high amount of reps, 15-20 per set, and rest breaks should be shorter.

There is a particular type of training I don't like doing, would this be a problem?

Not a problem at all. What I will do before our first paying session together I will fill out some paper work with you and I will ask you what type of exercise you do and don't enjoy. If you say I don't enjoy gym based boxing, we will not do any of that in our sessions. This helps me out as I can record this and have a clearer idea of what to give you for each session.

I feel I am quite gym shy or am a novice to the gym?

No problem, what I will teach you is the basics of how to work out, and  I will make sure you are aware that no one else in the gym is looking at you, only I am. What I feel is the most effective way of doing this is writing out an 8 week programme for you, assessing you every 2 weeks and then doing some training with you at the end of the programme once you are more confident.

How will you be able to assess my nutrition?

Whilst I do hold a nutrition certificate, I cannot give you a diet plan as I am not a dietician. However I can give you a food diary template, which I would expect you to fill in every time after you eat, and bring it back to me every time you see me for a session. I can advise you of what is good and what is bad, but I cannot directly tell you what to eat - that is down to you.

Do you train people for a specific sport?

Yes I can do, I currently train one person as part of their weightlifting training. This is good as it is something I like to partake in, and I feel I have good knowledge of this type of training. I also have knowledge of training for swimming, running, obstacle races, boxing and scuba diving. So yes, if this is one of your goals I can help you on your way.

How would you request that I pay for my sessions?

Cash, cheque or direct debit are all fine. If you would like to pay through direct debit then it would need to be through online banking.

What do you request I bring to each of these sessions?

Make sure you are wearing sports shorts or trousers - either is fine, trainers and a T-shirt. I also recommend a bottle of water and a towel each time. In fact I don't let people train without water as to avoid dizziness and keep hydration fluids up.

Will I ache after the session?

Yes but aching is what makes progress, no matter what your goal is!

Do you do any online training? 

Yes, take a look at this website http://home.trainingpeaks.com. I use this to train athletes who can't always commit to sessions, so I can write out programs in order to achieve their goals usually for something sport specific.