Charles Tonkinson

"Oscar helped me with conditioning and fitness work and strength-assistance exercises. I liked that he listened to what I wanted and designed a program around that, rather than attempting to impose a training formula. I enjoy discussing exercise options with him. He has pushed me harder than I would push myself, and the conditioning results are beginning to show nicely in the boxing drills."

26th Aug '15

"Oscar is diligent and committed. His exercises are varied and thoughtful. If you dig deep he will whip your arse and you will thank him for it as time well spent, and for a vastly improved level of fitness in all areas."

26th Aug '15
 Matt Crockford

"Oscar has helped my training (weight loss goals) massively! I explained how uninterested I was in weight training so he came up with routines that were varied, every single session, to maintain my enthusiasm and interest. He also helped with my nutrition and kept reviewing my progress and goals consistently :)"

6th Aug '15