True Personal Training in Henley-on-Thames

True Personal Training in Henley-on-Thames

My name is Oscar Cox and I am a freelance Personal Trainer, who is currently based in Henley-on-Thames, working at No Limits gym. I am both fully qualified and have REPS Insurance. 

Since beginning in January 2015, I have had many clients who are doing well in achieving their goals and sticking to their fitness programme. Whether a session be half an hour or an hour they will be put through a total body workout where I will ensure that every muscle group is worked, helping you to achieve fantastic results. I take into account each and every one of your goals, whether that be weight loss, muscular toning, gaining muscle mass or just generally keeping healthy. 

My specialist areas include:

  • Improving overall body physique
  • Increase in strength and power
  • Running specific training

Something I have recently picked up, on is that evryone I train is different. One thing that makes each client different from the other is their body type, for which they can be one of the following:

  • Ectomorph - A lean induvidual, potentially very fit, but finds it very hard to put on much muscle despite hard work. 
  • Endomorph - Pear shaped induvidals, with a large bone structure, but alot of body fat stored which they find hard to get rid of, despite hours in the gym. 
  • Mesmomorph - Easily puts on muscle, who are very well-built and have a high amout of metabolism.

When we are training together I will write out a program for each individual session which fits into what you want, as for you to achieve your goal, is my aim. I also assess people's nutrition, as this is a key element to your fitness programme. As a personal trainer I cannot tell you what to eat, but what I can do is write you out a food diary and advise you of what is good and what is not so good to eat. Check out a few health and nutrition tips which are really important during your workout.